Omar’s Diary Monday 29th December 2014 – British Trains, Back to Work & Early Morning


Today started with the alarm going off at 0400 which is a quite uncivilised time for anyone especially one of my particular breeding.

Both the servants were up this early as lady servant had to go somewhere for work and catch a very early train to get there. I could see there was a certain amount of, how shall I say, need to keep to a very tight schedule for them both. So, at the first most inconvenient moment I sat by my empty feed bowl and called out for breakfast.  Man servant responded by giving me one sachet and told me I would have the other later when he got back from the station. After he had emptied a sachet for me I sniffed at it and walked away feigning disgust at the offering. The second most inconvenient moment came just as they were sitting down for breakfast And so to take full advantage and have a bit of sport I sat by the back door pretending that I could not get out with a pathetic cry deserving of an Oscar.  Man servant had to get up from the table at lady servants urgings and open the door. I gave him my best Paddington Bear angry stare,  walked back into the living room and sat by the fire.

Man servant went off for a ride at mid-day.  He really does not like quite ride in jodhpurs and could do with shaking off some weight.  Unlike me he does not carry relaxed muscles, he is just carrying a few extra pounds.  He reported back to the senior man servant and recounted the ride across the New Forest. He rode Blackjack again and this time managed to stay on for the whole ride.

Messages started coming in from lady servant that her rail journey was turning into a nightmare.  Just a slight delay getting into Waterloo but trains from Euston were fouled up quite badly with delays, cancellations and signalling problems.  Al of these issues were a legacy from the over running engineering works from Christmas which caused absolute chaos over the weekend. Lady servant was not very happy and did not get back home until nearly eight this evening.

All of these problems have an added venom for passengers when it was announced yesterday that the chief executive of Network Rail is supposed to be in line for a £300,000 bonus.  My feline understanding of a bonus is that it is paid when something is done well and not when things go wrong.

I really messed up my servants’ start to the day so perhaps I should be in line for a bonus.

The evening finished with the other chav from next door, Pickles, having an up chuck under the dining room table which man servant had to clear up. Pickles is so common doing this and I would expect someone of her breeding to know the best place for this sort of thing is on the street.  Typical of her type I expect that her level of contentment with food exceeded her capacity. She must really learn her limits to be a proper lady.


About alangrenville

I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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