Omar’s Diary Saturdy 7th February 2015 –

February cover

It is still really cold here in Hampshire in Great Britain and it makes me very glad that I am not an outdoor type of cat.

The servants had their usual Saturday morning lie in. This suits me perfectly and I was able to stretch out in full relaxed repose on the bed. The picture of me below shows what this position entails. I personally think it is rather appealing despite man servant saying that I looked like I was auditioning for a movie role playing a piece of road kill. He can be so hurtful sometimes.

Omar in full repose

Late in the morning the servants went shopping. Before they left man servant insisted that they got organised by writing a list of shops they were going to as well as lists of what they wanted to buy in each shop. This is part of his personal strategy to prevent him from suffering from a ‘Rickman’. Please refer to my diary of 2nd February 15 for a description of this condition.

By my estimate from listening to the list being prepared they should have come home with just two carrier bags from their favourite supermarket. I counted four supermarket bags when they came in and a couple of other bags as well.

‘I waited by the checkout like you said I should for about ten minutes, then I went back to the car just in case I missed you somehow’ man servant started.

‘It was nice running into Catherine. We had a good catch up in the fish department’ lady servant replied.

Catherine lives next door and is Lager boy’s lady servant.

‘The check-out manager even offered to put out a call for you at one stage in case you’d had an accident or had fallen into a freezer’ man servant continued ‘I suggested splitting the insurance with her if you had fallen into a freezer.’

Oh dear, I think he did suffer quite a severe ‘Rickman’ this morning.

After lunch we all sat and watched the racing from Newbury. Both the servants had to select horses in the 3:35 as part of the fantasy league they are competing in. No horses today called ‘False Hope’ or ‘Dreams of Winning’.  The good news is that they both scored points. Yes, even man servant scored today. The bad news is that both of them have retained the same overall positions they had last week. Well, I really did not expect man servant to relinquish last place in one afternoon as he is nearly three hundred points behind his nearest competitor.  There was more chance of Arsenal going up a place in the Premiership until they got beaten by Tottenham just as the race finished.

That letter the man servant worked so hard to write to the local paper about the EU and the Ukraine did not get published. He is trying to console himself by saying that he probably missed the deadline for submissions before publication. In two weeks’ time when the next edition comes out he will have forgotten all about it. At least there have been some more diplomatic moves this week with the German Chancellor and French President making a round trip to Kiev and Moscow to try and broker some sort of peace agreement. Keep talking, it is much better than fighting is my mantra.

I know I have a bit of a tiff sometimes with the chavs over territory and access rights. When I say ‘tiff’ we never actually come to blows. There may be a hiss or growl accompanied by a raised paw but we never exchange blows. All three of us shared the servants’ space tonight in the living room. We even got treats as well which helped keep things calm.

I wonder what food would keep world leaders calm?


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I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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