Omar’s Diary Saturday 14th February 2015 – Valentines Day

Omar and the NewYorkTimes

Me being disturbed during my quality time

I do not have any secret sweethearts that I could send a Valetine card to and I did not receive any today either, so today was just called Saturday.

The weather here in the UK looks like winter is on its way out. There have not been any frosts over the last week and the days are most definitely getting longer. One really annoying aspect of this seasonal change is the dawn chorus. It is just so early now, set to get even earlier and the cacophony of birdsong is ear splitting. The worst offenders are the blackbirds. They fly right past my bedroom window. Yes, my bedroom window chiff chaffing, as they say in aviation circles at ‘full chat’. It really does wake me up far too early these days.

Neither the blue hold-all or black hold-all appeared this week which meant the servants were around home. I did feel sorry for lady servant as she has been a bit poorly over the last few days. Life is really not that fair because when I feel poorly I am unceremoniously loaded into a cat carrier and driven off to the vets. Usually on a cold night as well. At the vets I get poked, prodded and usually given an injection. And there is quite often a discussion about my weight. Lady servant stays indoors, self medicates with pills, potions and chocolates, never goes to the vets and gets better. It just is not fair.

Both the servants were away for quite a while today. When they came back they had a copy of the International New York Times. For some reason it has not been available here in Ringwood and I have missed reading it lately. So it was nice to have a look through its pages. There was a lot of coverage of the ongoing situation in Ukraine in the run up to tonight’s ceasefire. I do hope that all the felines, canines and their servants get some respite from the conflict. From my reading of geopolitics and who is involved I don’t think there will be much respite soon.

I learnt a new word from the paper today, KULTURKAMPF. It means a battle between quantification and interpretation.

Man servant interpreted the past performance of two horses running in today’s race selected for the fantasy racing game. He selected the rank outsider and the favourite from a field of five. They finished fourth and fifth respectively. The resulting quantification for him for the day was ‘nil pointe’. At least he is consistent as he scored ‘nil pointe’ last week.

Man servant has suggested that to attract more readers he should select some horses and tip them to the unsuspecting public in my name!!! If you see any service like this appear under the name of ‘Omar’s Opefuls’ I strongly advise you to avoid his tips as it will only end in disaster.

The only factor today that prevented man servant entering a depression deeper than the Mariana Trench was his beloved football club Arsenal. They did not lose today and that was only because they are not playing until tomorrow.


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I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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