Omar’s Diary for Sunday 29th March 2015

Omar and Power

Studying ‘Power’ so I can beat the chavs without violence

Apparently the clocks changed last night. I do not know how they did change. When I went around the house this morning there were still the same clocks in the same places. One in the bedroom, one in the kitchen and one on the mantelpiece in the living room. The only difference I did notice was that all of my three meals today have been served earlier than my feline biorhythms felt they should have been. I did get a tad upset about this, made a fuss and was given fresh chicken for dinner earlier tonight. I wonder if the clocks will change again tomorrow then I might get fresh chicken again.

The servants did go out for a while this morning, came home for lunch and since then have been busy working away in separate rooms.

I think lady servant is doing something in readiness for her work tomorrow. I did try to read some of her words on screen and it looked like it was about caring for servants who may have got old or have other problems that prevent them looking after themselves properly.

This subject is very much on their minds as I hear them talking about senior man servant and how he may well have to be looked after eventually. They also say that considering he is 91 years old, 91! He is managing very well. That really is old as felines are only expected to live for 15 years so senior man servant must be very old. My servants do say that despite his age he is coping very well what with going to church on Sundays and having coffee afterwards. Then going to a monthly breakfast, again organised by the church where there is a full English and a guest speaker and making trips into town to do some shopping.

I managed to look over man servant’s shoulder earlier today. Well actually, I jumped up on the desk while he bunked off studying for half an hour to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix. From what I could see he was reading about power in all its forms and all of its locations.

The page he left his book open at gave a summary of power and one phrase I have managed to read and remember before the Grand Prix coverage reached the chequered flag was:

‘At the very simplest, power is about servants being able to make some kind of difference and being able to make an impact on the world’.

I am not sure how this works in servant world but I certainly had my own world changed earlier this week through the exercise of power. Man servant was having his lunch downstairs, bunking off from work again, and I joined him. This involved venturing into territory normally controlled by the two chavs but they were not around when I made my way on to the coffee table. There I was given a couple of my favourite treats. He had a treat as well, a chocolate bar which is very naughty as he is meant to be losing weight before getting back in the saddle in a couple of weeks. I really do not understand servants who are so undisciplined about their dietary control and I know he will not see ten stone, for non UK readers that is 140 pounds or about 63 kilos, again any time soon. Those days have long gone and will remain a distant memory while he eats Bounty bars.

Sorry, I do have the habit of digressing.

I was so pleased to be able to sit near him that I did not notice the really feisty chav settle down under the table. I just looked over the edge, physically and metaphorically as well I guess and there was the really feisty little chav who always resorts to violence before going through any political process. Well, she went for me in the most unladylike manner. I hate violence and made a hasty retreat straight into striking range of chav number two. Honestly, I did my best to fend them off but two against one is not a fair balance of power. I was cornered. Luckily man servant stepped in, became my close protection agent, picked me up and placed me on the stairs so I could beat a retreat to my favourite bedroom for the rest of the day while he dealt with the chavs.

My peaceful world had most certainly been impacted in a most detestable and violent manner. The two chavs probably thought it was a bit of a lark and just a bit of harmless fun but I really cannot see it that way.


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I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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