Omar’s Diary – catching up to 25th April 2015

Bank holiday Sunday

Me in deep and thoughtful pose – I guess that makes me a poser

Once again my man servant has not been able to fulfil his duty of maintaining my diary. He has been busy, again, up to last Sunday getting another essay ready for the Open University. And didn’t we know it. He was stressed especially when he just sat down to do some work and lady servant would ask him about something. I didn’t help either as I would let him settle at his desk and then jump on it to land accurately and most obstructively between him and his books.

For this essay he had to write something about the ‘comparative approach’ to analysing political worlds.

I do not understand what his problem was and why he struggled as to my very uncomplicated feline mind, that has a binary functionality of sleep and food, it seems quite a simple concept to explain. There are two countries, they both have different political systems. That is my comparative analysis. As easy as falling out of a window and in 10 words. What on earth did man servant write that took up 1500 words?

What I do know about politics, other than the imminent general election on 7th May, is that it is the way the servant’s species work to make changes in the world and hopefully without resorting to violence. I do abhor violence.

It really is most unseemly and there really is no excuse for it in a civil society. What worries me is the fact that servants do resort to violence during the pursuit of their own political agendas. For example I did see a very short article in Horse and Hound about how a joint master for a hunt had been attacked by members of the servant species who disagreed with what he was doing perfectly legally. He had two teeth broken and suffered concussion. The people who attacked him were wearing balaclavas and the police have dropped their investigations because of lack of evidence. Even if you disagree with servants hunting in its present form of drag hunting, it is still legal and so why should a servant’s pursuit of happiness suffer in such an unpleasant way?

Lagerboy’s servants are having his garden remodelled. I doubt that they took the time and trouble to ask him if he needed this work done on his behalf and if he approved of the plans. His servants have hired other servants who arrive very early in the morning, make a lot of noise and then go home. What they have done is taken a lot of earth from the garden to level it, built a wall around what will now be a patio covered in paving slabs. All very Spanish looking as the walls are now painted white. However, this grand design has now destroyed… can I say this delicately? However, this grand design has now destroyed most of Lagerboy’s external facilities. Goodness knows what he will do.

There was a song the servants knew for a long time ago that went along the lines of:

Paint paradise put up a parkin lot
All in all you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
Paint paradise put up a parkin lot

At least his servants are not parking cars in the new garden.

My garden that the servants look after for me is ‘en naturel’. That does not mean the servants cavort around it naked. That is naturism. Heavens forbid that they did as it is bad enough watching man servant do his exercises in the morning’s half-light. ‘En naturel is good as there are lots of places where I can hide and make excellent use of rather than using en suite for certain bodily functions. Organic! That’s the word that describes my garden. Just like HRH The Prince of Wales and his Highgrove House. Organic, it’s how those of breeding manage their land.


About alangrenville

I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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