Omar’s Selections for Day 2 of Royal Ascot 2016

henry sheldon picture (2)

I am so sorry.  My selection for the first day at Royal Ascot today trailed in with the washing and despite placing one Dreamie each way there was still no return.  I am truly and deeply sorry for this.  However, there is always another day and I will bounce into Day 2 at this glorious meeting with renewed energy and hope.  Also, I have given up on the scientific method and resorted to the ‘litter tray method’.

The first race shards of litter landed on was the Royal Hunt Cup running at 1700 with a field of thirty declared over a distance of 0ne mile chasing a first prize of £108,938. The expected time this race will take is approximately one minute and forty seconds.

For each way players I am going to select Balty Boys priced at 20/1 at time of writing. Nothing scientific about this selection as this is the horse that the most shards of litter landed on in my first round of fervent scratchings.

My second round of fervent scratchings in the litter tray resulted in choosing the 1505 Queen Mary Stakes for two year old fillies raced over five furlongs.  I tried my hardest to get the shards to land on a favourite but again they landed on a middle priced runner named Camargue quoted at 20/1.

Man Servant would help a bit more with this column but he has been somewhat preoccupied with the Referendum on 23rd June and reading Henry Cecil’s biography by Brough Scott. These political and literary diversions may well be sparing my regular readers even greater losses.

So far on this Royal Ascot week my reserve of Dreamies is down by two after day one. Good luck everyone.

Omar and the racing page v3

Omar looking where the most litter landed





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