Omar’s Diary for 29th July 2016



Omar and winning mindset

It has been quite a while since my last diary being posted but I have finally managed to exercise some leverage over Man Servant to exercise his patience and time to take some dictation. The deal I have made with Man Servant is that if he takes my dictation I will permit him some word space to add a few selections for the last day of Glorious Goodwood. Why I have to do this I do not understand but if this is the price I have to pay to get my diary published then I just have to accept it.

Politics is about the exercise of power in the pursuit of one’s own interests. Good politics never results in a zero sum end for one party or the other but in an outcome where both parties are winners. I think with Man Servant and my diary both parties are winners, that is unless you follow his selections.

In Omar Towers life has been progressing along the remorseless passage of time interspersed with fine dining, resting on one’s day bed, gentle exercise in the private grounds and maintaining order below stairs amongst the Chav ranks.

Lady Servant fell from her horse earlier this year and has been walking around nursing a badly damaged shoulder but without knowing the full extent of the damage. Yesterday a physiotherapist advised her she might have a broken shoulder. Until Lady Servant knew about this potential injury she was still able to do feline food shopping for us all. Now I fear that domestic duty will be handed over to Man Servant. He does his best but I really do not believe his heart is in the task. He needs to be educated that the Chavs, or ‘sans-culottes’ as they would be referred to in France, only enjoy and are grateful for the cheaper brands of food designed for the masses while I will only dine on the higher end quality products as befits a feline of my breeding.

I seem to remember an expression from the English hunting field along the lines of ‘A Fall is an hawful thing’. Man Servant and I carried out some internet research to establish the source but kept finding ourselves on pages quoting passages from the Bible. These over wrote the slightly less religious pages of At The Races.

Lady Servant is engrossed in a book titled ‘The Five Steps to a Winning Mindset’ by Damian Hughes. This is about how to build self-confidence and be focused to achieve your goals in any walk of life. I can be quite focused on dining and resting but somehow I do not think this is what the author was thinking about at the time of writing.

Lady Servant is convinced that Hillary Clinton has read the same book as her self which has helped to get as far as securing the Democratic nomination yesterday. Man Servant is not so sure about this rose tinted view and believes that Hillary Clinton has got this close to the Presidency through being a very astute political operator to the point of being Machiavellian and leaving no finger prints on anything doubtful from her past. I must say I prefer her to her opponent, the one who seems to be wearing the skin of a roadkill where his bouffant should be. Oh, that is his bouffant! How ridiculous!

Yes, I will let you add your racing selections but just let me finish this current trains of thought.

If Hillary Clinton does become President then how would her husband be referred to? I know he can carry on being addressed as Mr President even though he has left office. Would he still be Mr President or would he be addressed as ‘The First Man’? I am sure with his past record of dalliances he was not ‘The First Man’ with many. Sorry, that was a bit racey.

I know that there is a cat living in Downing Street called ‘Larry’ who vets every incoming Prime Minister. I am not aware of any felines being appointed to similar duties at The White House. So, I if Hilary Clinton does win in November and forms the next administration I will be waiting by my phone to be appointed as The White House pussy.

I now hand you over to Man Servant who has successfully and thankfully deleted the web pages of Bible quotes for which he will be struck down by lightning, found the racing pages and lists the following four selections to go into his Saturday Lucky 15. This sounds like a terribly complex wager to one who has only ever bet to win.

1400 Gamesome 10/1 – big field in this race so some turf accountants will pay out on the first five home

1435 Knights Table 10/1

1545 Dancing Star 13/2 as with the 1400 race

1620 Rays The Money 5/1


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I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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