Unseen Britain – Where to stay and eat in Scarborough

Travelodge, St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough
We handed in the keys to Room 306 at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, declared ourselves as refugees and obtained hospitality asylum directly opposite in the The Travelodge.

It is too easy to cliché away the Travelodge experience by saying ‘they are all the same’. That may be so in terms of the standards of accommodation but occasionally there is a Travelodge that stands out from the corporate average for the right reasons.

The Travelodge for our visit was just such an exception. As soon as we arrived at the reception desk the gentleman on duty made us feel welcome and went to no end of trouble to make sure our check in was trouble free. He was polite, friendly and efficient which was a portent for the rest of our stay.

Our room was the standard Travelodge accommodation; clean, well-furnished and a perfect place to use as a base for the next couple of days.

Dinner was available as, so we were told at reception, this particular Travelodge is one the very few in the country that retains a kitchen that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. As with the welcome at reception the welcome in the bar area was the same with smiling staff who really made the guests feel that they were staying in ‘their hotel’.

The next morning at breakfast there was a different team on duty and just as during the previous evening the welcome and service was friendly, efficient and very welcoming.

We stayed two nights and the service was consistently good throughout the stay.

There really isn’t a lot more to say about our stay apart from:

Would we stay again? YES!

Would we recommend Travelodge in Scarborough? Yes, without hesitation.

The Crescent Bar, just around the corner from the Travelodge

The menu on display outside the bar had a good selection of choices except if you are a vegetarian but that was not a problem.

We ventured across the threshold and were made very welcome by the two people on duty on the evening of Thursday 18th August. I asked if they could serve up anything vegetarian other than the two choices on the menu which my wife was not very keen on. The young gentleman behind the bar said he would see what he could do and in less than two minutes came back from the kitchen with another more appealing option; fresh ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach and topped off with a rich creamy tomato sauce. Perfect! I settled for the full roast beef dinner. Both went down very well with just one complaint about the ravioli. There was too much.

Value for money? Yes. To be safe budget for about £20 per cover for the two course option and a drink.

Quality of food? Very good.

Service? Really good.

Would we go again? Yes.

Would we recommend? Yes

The Crescent Bar


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I live in southern Britain near the fabulous New Forest. While studying for a BSc in International Studies I have developed a strong belief in 'NIBAW' or 'nothing is black and white'. Hence my favourite saying "Too often we...enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought" (John F Kennedy).
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One Response to Unseen Britain – Where to stay and eat in Scarborough

  1. We have stayed there as well. Great service as seaside room!

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